We love baking bread & we love our chickens, so we've decided to combine the 2 with Cookham Rise: Bread & Eggs, a home delivery service offering, you guessed it, bread & eggs to the Cookham area.


Our customers subscribe to 4 weekly deliveries and enjoy the tastiest bread & the freshest eggs without having to even leave home! 


We recently expanded our brood but if you don't need eggs, we also offer a Bread only delivery.

Our famous Apple & Lavender Jelly will be added to the range later in the Summer and we are hoping to introduce seasonal chutneys & jams too.


Large loaf & 6 eggs for 4 weeks = £24

Large loaf for 4 weeks = £16



Our sourdough starter feels like another member of our ever growing family, along with the dogs & chickens!! We have been nurturing it for over 2 years, feeding it daily with flour & water to keep it bubbling away. It's the essential ingredient that gives our bread its delicious flavour.

Each loaf is made from just 3 ingredients, flour, water & salt, and handmade in the hours before delivery, proving for 12 hours prior to baking. The finished weight is around 850g.

Perfect as bread for a couple of days but we think it's even better toasted & lasts up to a week (if you can resist temptation for that long!).


The chickens have been part of our family for about the same time as the sourdough starter! We started with 4 girls, the original Hennifers...Hennifer Saunders, Hennifer Lopez, Hennifer Aniston-Theroux & Hennifer Paterson but have gradually increased the brood to 10.

They are fed with organic layer pellets to encourage them to lay daily but we supplement this with lots of fresh vegetables from the garden and their favourite, watermelon! They roam the garden during the day & get put to the safety of their coop, away from the foxes, at night.

The resulting eggs are creamy & frankly the most delicious eggs we've ever tasted!